Connecting with your inborn spirituality can give you strength and hope

during the challenging times; bringing about health, healing, joy, peace

and harmony with yourself, those close to you and the Universe. The

self-knowledge and personal development you can achieve by

connecting to higher level beings can bring you great comfort and

peace of mind on your path.


Messages received in readings assist you in the many questions we have

on this life's journey.  They inspire, guide and enlighten.  The answers you

are given may surprise you, may not be what you expected, but they are

always for the highest good.  Divine messages are sacred - the angel's

deepest desires are to help us!  Guidance and direction is given with

integrity and compassion to assist you in problem solving and decisions - to

help heal and empower you to deal with life's challenges.


During our life journey we learn and teach through our experiences; therefore

messages from the angels can represent potential future outcomes.  God gave

each of us the gift of free will, it is up to each of us how we will use that. 

Messages received can be truly transformational!


Hi, I am Reverend Debby and I am a non-denominational Minister, psychic/medium

 and Angel Intuitive.  I do readings and spiritual counseling for individuals or groups and 

I am on the radio where I take calls LIVE from my listeners.


I have seen lives transformed and even saved as a result of information and

messages received during readings.  Family members and/or friends that have

crossed over frequently come through.  Many times they have specific messages

for their loved ones that are still here on this life plane.


What to expect with a reading

Reverend Debby first "clears" and then protects herself, her client(s) and the

surroundings with God's Divine protection and the light of the Holy Spirit through prayer

 and meditation.

She then connects with the angels, guides and Ascended Masters asking that the

client's angels, loved ones and higher selves be present.  All she asks of her client

is to relax and be open to receiving any messages that will come through as fears

from the client can "block" energy which, in effect, puts up walls making it difficult to

 allow anything or anyone to come through.

Reverend Debby is compassionate, gifted and accurate.   Opening her clairvoyance

to only that of the highest and greatest good,  information and energies  come through. 

 Questions from clients are encouraged!   Deep emotional and spiritual healing occurs

for many, if not all.

Sometimes information received in a reading just does not make sense.  This is

usually indicative of something that is coming up in the future - the very moment it

manifests the client will recognize it immediately!


Angel readings are done in person or by phone.  Clients find the angel's

messages, guidance and advice to be deeply profound, powerful, loving and

healing.  It does not matter whether you have specific questions for the angels,

or prefer a personal past/present/future communication.  Your personal messages

are received directly from the angels and then given to you. 

 All information remains strictly confidential.


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Readings are done at Reverend Debby's office, over the phone or via email. Readings are by appointment only. To schedule a reading please email her at


call (906) 399-3777

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